As everyone knows, WICK'D is all about giving people options and we want everyone to be able to play with what vapor output they want to get in to their mouth, hence why we will be providing 2 integrated tips and a knurled Bridg'D2 negative nut. One MTL which we named, PAWN DT and the DL tip which we named, RISE DT. Both of them are threaded on the Bridg'D2 (-) nut.



The 2's will only have 1 4.0mm inner diameter chimney as opposed to it's predecessor that has 3.8mm ID. As suggested by most people, based on their experience with usual use, most of them never used the MTL chimney that was provided in v1.0, v1.2 and + hence we decided not to include it in the package. We will also sport o-ring fitted chimneys instead of it threaded in the chamber as we have heard feedbacks that the v1.2 and +'s threaded chimney has a chance for the whole boro tank getting stuck inside the mod causing issues removing the whole tank system. This way, you get both proper MTL and DL Vape!



The outer portion of the chamber has changed a little bit to make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing. The top portion has a "Green Lantern" or hour glass-ish shape giving a distinguished look on it from it's predecessors which has a curved top portion. The chamber is a bit taller, but not too tall for the juice capacity to suffer to give more space on the surface if we plan to do crazy engravings in the near future. (RJ Mod is waving at me!) The inner portion of the Bridg'D2 is similar in contrast to older versions but we have made a bigger dome for the vapor to travel inside before travelling in the chimney for a better and denser flavor production.



We’ve revamped the deck a bit! It features dual posts and m2.5 grub screws, but this new deck has a re-enforced boxy posts to avoid  it from bending which some users had concerned with the v1.0-v1.2+. Wick holes are the same as we find it to be the most effective way to balance efficient wicking and at the same time help combats leak due to flooding. The positive pin is secured in place by a primary positive pin which is hidden inside the bottom part of the deck vs the older Bridg’D where it’s protruding outside the rba. Positive post and pins are insulated with PEEK material. The bottom part of the deck is threaded and will be connected to the 510 adapter once screwed in.



Similar with it’s predecessors, Bridg’D2 will sport the very first easy on the fly interchangeable airflow inserts that we’ve created with its v1 origins. The older models have airhole pin sizes ranging from 1.2 or 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm and 3.5mm, the Bridg’D2 will feature the following airflow sizes, 1.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm up to 4.0mm to cater MTL (for my MTL lovers) RDL up to loose DL (it’s airy but still dense and flavorful). The base of the airflow pins are solid for better conductivity.



We brought back the V1.0 510 adapter look on the V2 with a bit of a twist, but that not really the highlight here. The BRIDG’D2 510 adapter is redesigned to give you a stable contact point and more importantly, you will not have your airflow pins stuck due to over torquing, (the airflow pin solely acts like a contact point rather than being threaded).


BRIDG’D2 Key Tool

It’s a beauty, probably one of the most unloved but a very crucial part of the package. The new tool is more compact and lightweight but still has the intricate machining that still amazes me. The tool is still used to fully disassemble the whole Bridg’D by removing the positive pin with the custom allen tool underneath and it also can remove the a stock integral nut from boro devices. The shape of the new tool is also similar to a key with a keyhole for you to place it in your key ring and bring it along with you!


BRIDG’D2 BB Button

Pandaboi engraved Billet Box SS button concaved for a comfortable feel and aesthetically pleasing.


Bridg’D2 Engraving:

Last but certainly not least, the infamous Panda engravings. Collectively as a Wick’D Group and community you all along with the admin team, suggested various engravings to be done on the Bridg’D2. Out of the dozens we have selected what the majority and ourselves feel to be the best and proper engravings for parts of the world (the Panda is worldwide) these engravings will be announced very soon along with visual mock ups so you all can see. The Pandaboi will be the star of the show and will be featured on one side of the Bridg’D2 and your selected Regional panda engraving will be located on the other side (you choose your Panda).



Extra M2.5 grub screws, o-rings and allen wrench

Метка SOON
Brand Wick'D

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