☆ LINK'D RBTA BY WICK'D ☆▪︎ As we move on to another chapter within our brand, I would like to introduce to each and everyone of you our newest creation, the LINK'D RBTA. Before anything else we would like to thank each and everyone of you for the massive success of the Bridg'D rba, the project wouldn’t gone very far without the support of each and every panda across the world. So as we go deep in the boro rabbit hole, we would like to move forward to a more advanced and versatile rebuildable atomizer for devices that sport boro tanks.

[DECK] The Link'D rbta is made out of 316L stainless steel and sports a nearly identical Bridg'D diagonal 2-post deck design with a massive juice well for the cotton to sit in. The only difference with the post style is that negative post wire slot is facing the other direction for ease of use and so you can avoid scratching your post when installing the coil in to your rbta. Wicking the deck is as easy as the Bridg'D but please make sure the cotton isn't sitting on the lip of the deck.

[TANK ASSEMBLY] The tank assembly is one of the most interesting parts and is composed of the tank itself and the base which are both made out of PC1000. The juice fill port is being covered by a white silicone plug. The top portion has a silicone gasket that will hold the chimney and will prevent leaking on the top portion of the tank. The side portion of the tank base has legs that will sit on the chamber's side to hold it in place when you install the chimney. The LINK'D rbta is a gravity/vacuum feeding system wherein it feeds the deck with juice from the top so whenever you vape, the e-liquid will automatically drip in your atomizer vessel. The feeding port has 2 white tiny gaskets underneath to prevent from leaking and to hold on to the juice flow control valve.

[JUICE FLOW CONTROL] This is probably the first of it's kind to be incorporated with a cubical tank. The valve is made out of 316L stainless steel, an intricate and delicate machining to produce a sort of a half circle shape with ribbed knurling. It sits on the top of the RBTA chamber and underneath the tank section's base. It's job is to control and open/close your tank's feeding ports. We think that this is a nifty idea and useful for daily use. You can turn it left to close it down or turn it right to fully open it.

[CHAMBER] Have you wondered why we call it the LINK'D? Well, the chamber is one of the interesting part of the assembly because the chamber has cotton guides underneath the juice feeding ports where you need to put some cotton which will get "LINK'D" with the wick on the deck.

[CHIMNEYS] Same as the Bridg'D, we give options for the end users. We have included 2 chimneys for both DL/RDL and MTL vape styles. The top portion of both chimneys has cutouts that can be closed down with our LINK'D tool (Socket wrench).

[LINK'D TOOL] One of the most intricate machined parts of the LINK'D is the tool. Following the Bridg'D rba tool, this one can disassemble the deck's positive assembly and can be used as a key for boro device's 510 nut. The newest feature is the socket wrench to tighten or loosen the chimney from the chamber and tank assembly.

[AIRFLOW INSERTS and 510 ADAPTER] The LINK'D also inherits the Bridg'D easy on-the-go airflow inserts and the v1.2 510 adapter that you use to build on top of a mod or a building tab. The airhole sizes are 1.2mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm and 3.5mm.

[CONDENSATION PLUG] Another part of the LINK'D is the PC1000 condensation plug that you install underneath the deck.

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